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ID5 Case Studies

Audience360 & Adform Case Study

Audience360 and Adform integrate the ID5 ID, exceed their viewability target and increase their CTR by 40%. Download the case study to learn more.

Jun 2023

Telefónica, Havas & ID5 Case Study

Recognizing the need for an alternative to conventional identification methods, Telefónica and its media partner Havas decided to embrace the opportunity that cookieless browsers offer by testing the ID5 ID in Spain.

May 2023

Havas & PubMatic Case Study

The transition to cookieless digital advertising presents media buyers with an opportunity to discover new ways to reach their target audiences and create optimal, consistent user journeys. Havas Media was looking for an independent technology partner to help activate addressable audiences for brands. As a result, Havas Media partnered with PubMatic to leverage the ID5 ID to activate their data segments in cookieless environments.

Oct 2022

Sovrn Case Study

Sovrn Signal and ID5 demonstrate that publishers can unlock a near two times greater lift in eCPMs on a third of their US audiences

Aug 2022

Amobee & Gusbourne Case Study

Integration between Amobee and ID5 enabled boutique wine brand Gusbourne to increase reach and conversions.

Reports Reports
ID5 Reports

The State of Digital Identity Report - 2023

To better understand how the advertising industry is preparing for the demise of third-party cookies in 2024 ID5 surveyed 197 participants, including publishers, advertisers, and tech platforms. The fourth edition of ID5’s State of Digital Identity Report provides insight into how the industry is preparing for this shift and approaching other identity challenges related to CTV and measurement.


The Value of Universal IDs for Publishers: A Prebid Analytics Deep Dive

ID5's Prebid Analytics Deep Dive uses data from publishers using Prebid, to provide tangible insights into the value of universal identifiers


Unlocking the value of cookieless - A brand's guide to leveraging universal IDs

Calling all brands! Download this guide to access the knowledge and tools you need to navigate the universal ID selection process


The State of Digital Identity Report - 2022

ID5 surveys 164 participants to create the third edition of The State of Digital Identity report, providing insight into the identity landscape in 2022


Sincera study: The impact of cookie syncing on data leakage and energy consumption

For this study, ID5 commissions Sincera to assess the damaging implications of cookie syncing for publishers

Videos Videos
ID5 Videos

Identity 2024: Virtual Event Recording

ID5 brought together 20+ industry experts to provide fresh perspectives and information on the industry’s readiness for the third-party cookie’s demise as well as examine other channels, such as CTV, to help you best structure an all-rounded, omnichannel identity strategy. Access the event recording now.


ID5 & Amazon Publisher Services (APS) Webinar

Learn how publishers are leading the way in the new era of digital advertising. Hear best practices from ID5's experience working with hundreds of publishers, as well as information about the tools available to them as they move away from traditional identifiers.


ID5 on the Road: NYC

In June 2023, the ID5 team gathered industry thought leaders to share insights and success stories to help you shape and refine your identity strategy, ensuring that you make the most of the opportunity that the cookieless present has to offer.


Raising Your Privacy Standards and Picking the Right Partners

What measures should you take to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and to ensure that your partners follow the same standards? Watch the webinar recording to learn more.


Identity 2023: Virtual Event Recording

Watch the on-demand recording of our annual virtual event to learn how best to structure your identity strategy for the road ahead. Access the event recording now.

Podcasts Podcasts
ID5 Podcasts

Season 2 | Episode 6 | Oct 12, 2022

How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present with Havas Media Group’s Kevin Fernandes

In this episode, our Joanna Burton sits down with Havas Media Group‘s Head of Data Solutions & AdTech, Kevin Fernandes, to discuss how Havas and the ID5 ID enabled Baiada to see a 19x uplift in engagement in cookieless Safari.

Season 2 | Episode 5 | Sep 30, 2022

How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present with Prisma Media’s Dan Garzon

In this episode, our Joanna Burton sits down with Prisma Media’s Digital Business Unit Director, Dan Garzon, to reveal where they have seen success in developing their identity strategy.

Season 2 | Episode 4 | Sep 27, 2022

How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present with Sovrn’s Peter Cunha

In this episode, our Joanna Burton sits down with Sovrn’s Managing Director, Ad Management, Peter Cunha, to discuss how publishers leveraging Sovrn Signal and the ID5 ID can unlock a near two times greater lift in eCPMs.

Season 2 | Episode 3 | Sep 16, 2022

How to Thrive in the Cookieless Present with Relevant Digital’s Olli Järvilehto

In this episode, our Joanna Burton sits down with Relevant Digital’s Chief Operating Officer, Olli Järvilehto, to discuss how they saw a reach increase of over 100% in Safari in both mobile and desktop environments thanks to the ID5 ID.