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ID5 Case Studies
Oct 2022

Sovrn Case Study

Most publishers today don’t have the capacity to leverage their own first-party data assets. To support their monetization efforts, Sovrn and ID5 ran a test demonstrating the value publishers gain by using the ID5 ID and Sovrn’s Data Collective to enrich and segment their first-party data and link hashed emails. Download the case study to learn more.

Aug 2022

Amobee & Gusbourne Case Study

Integration between Amobee and ID5 enabled boutique wine brand Gusbourne to increase reach and conversions.


Insticator Case Study

Insticator, a leader in publisher engagement solutions, integrates the ID5 ID and sees their fill-rate increase by 58% across all browsers


IBM & MediaMath Case Study

The ID5 and MediaMath server-side integration enables IBM to reach and retarget elusive high-value, B2B Safari users.


Virtual Minds, Ströer & OSDS Case Study

Virtual Minds, Ströer and OS DS leverage the ID5 ID and see the campaign reach increase by up to 78% across all browsers whilst achieving an approximately 10% lower eCPM.

Reports Reports
ID5 Reports

The State of Digital Identity Report - 2022

ID5 surveys 164 participants to create the third edition of The State of Digital Identity report, providing insight into the identity landscape in 2022


Sincera study: The impact of cookie syncing on data leakage and energy consumption

For this study, ID5 commissions Sincera to assess the damaging implications of cookie syncing for publishers


The Essential Ingredients To Create A Future-Proofed Infrastructure

Wondering how the adtech industry can ensure its long-term sustainability? Read about creating a future-proofed infrastructure now.


Transition to a Cookie-less Future: A Guide for Brands

Calling all marketers! Our guide, Transition to a Cookie-less Future, explains all the steps brands need to take to implement shared ID solutions to reach cookie-less audiences effectively. Download it now.


Journey to a Cookie-less World Infographic

Not sure how to implement your chosen shared ID solution? View our infographic to understand all the steps along the journey

Videos Videos
ID5 Videos

Identity 2022 New York Video Recording

In April 2022, ID5 gathered invited industry thought leaders - including from Neutronian, MediaMath, Sincera, Magnite, Mediavine, DeepIntent, LUMA Partners and AperiamVentures, to share their knowledge and experience. Watch the on-demand recording of the event to empower yourself with valuable insights and actionable takeaways to apply to your identity strategy.


Identity 2022: Virtual Event Recording

Tune in to the on-demand recording of our annual virtual event to learn how identity innovators are preparing for the post-cookie era. Access the event recording now.


ID5 First Impressions Session and Q&A with Beeler.Tech

Calling all publishers! Click below to access the on-demand recording of our First Impressions session with Beeler.Tech for a deep-dive into the ID5 ID solution alongside answers to your identity questions courtesy of Joanna Burton and Joseph Quaglia.


ID5 ID Explainer Video

Want to know more about how the ID5 ID is leading the way in reshaping the future of identity for digital advertising? Watch this 90-second explainer video to learn about ID5's vision for the industry now.


Identity 2021: Virtual Event Recording

ID5 organised Identity 2021, a virtual event designed to share insights and best practices on how the digital advertising industry can get ready for the coming year and the departure of third-party cookies. Access the event recording now.

Podcasts Podcasts
ID5 Podcasts

Episode 8 | Sep 10, 2021

Future-Proofing Digital Advertising with Innovid's Tal Chalozin

As part of the series, ID5 invited industry experts to shed light on the latest developments, technologies and regulations that are disrupting the industry to answer: how can we make digital advertising more sustainable? In this episode, host Mathieu Roche, Co-Founder & CEO of ID5, speaks to Tal Chalozin, Innovid’s CTO and Co-founder on the evolution of CTV, TV advertising VS web and more.

Episode 7 | Aug 26, 2021

Future-Proofing Digital Advertising with Dev Memo's Eric Seufert

In this seventh episode of Future-Proofing Digital Advertising, Mathieu Roche, CEO & Co-founder of ID5 speaks to Eric Seufert, Mobile Dev Memo Owner and Analyst to discuss privacy, the post-ATT world and more.

Episode 6 | Aug 20, 2021

Future-Proofing Digital Advertising with Havas Media's Jamie Seltzer

In this sixth episode of Future-Proofing Digital Advertising, Mathieu Roche, CEO & Co-founder of ID5 speaks to Jamie Seltzer, Havas Media's Global Managing Director, Martech & Data Strategy, to discuss the link between growth and innovation, one-to-one vs scale and more.

Episode 5 | Aug 16, 2021

Future-Proofing Digital Advertising with Publicis' Jess Simpson

In this fifth episode of Future-Proofing Digital Advertising, Mathieu Roche, CEO & Co-founder of ID5 speaks to Jess Simpson, Publicis' SVP, Global Identity, Data and Tech Consulting to discuss privacy and brands' engagement with industry developments.