ID5 provides publishers and ad tech platforms with solutions that improve user recognition and match rates and reduce the need for cookie matching

ID5 enables ad tech platforms to operate more efficiently and maximise the value of data and inventory while enabling publishers to increase programmatic revenues and improve user experience

Improve monetisation and user experience in a privacy-compliant way

User identification is key to monetise inventory & data, but third-party cookie-based IDs are inefficient, increase the risk of data leakage and impacts GDPR compliance. With Universal ID, ID5 is reinventing identity and putting publishers in charge by offering a privacy-first solution to create and share 1st party user IDs with their monetisation partners.

ID5’s identity solution empowers publishers to:
  • Improve page latency by minimising the need to match cookies
  • Enforce user privacy preferences and prevent data leakage by controlling access to user IDs
  • Increase monetisation as buyers can identify 100% of users, even in environments where 3rd party cookies are blocked

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Reach 100% match rates with DSPs, even in third-party cookieless environments, and maximise the value of publishers' inventory

Supply Side Platforms and PubTech providers need to efficiently identify users in order to maximise the availability and the value of their premium inventory. Matched impressions deliver CPMs 3x to 4x higher than unmatched impressions. With pressure from browsers and regulators to reduce 3P cookies usage, it is more important than ever that SSPs and PubTech platforms can provide a privacy-compliant, third-party cookieless identifier to buyers to maximise revenue.

ID5’s solutions help SSPs and PubTech:
  • Send more bid requests to buyers (not only those that are matched) to increase bid density and win rates
  • Reduce infrastructure costs related to cookie matching thanks to Connect
  • Improve revenue against traffic coming from Safari or Firefox by leveraging the first-party capabilities of Universal ID

Find out how you can increase the value of inventory and improve match rates with partners through the ID5 Universal ID or Connect services

Improve connections with activation platforms to maximise the availability of your audiences and increase revenue

Data is the fuel of programmatic campaigns. The ability to activate your data assets is impacted by match rates with your buy-side partners: the higher the match rate, the better data can be monetised. ID5 helps DMP and data providers improve user recognition to make 1st and 3rd party data available at scale for brands to target their campaigns.

ID5’s solutions help DMPs and Data Providers:
  • Improve match rates and maximise the availability of 1st and 3rd party data in DSPs by leveraging the Connect service
  • Improve user recognition in third-party cookie-less environments with Universal ID
  • Minimise ramp-up time when connecting with new partners, reduce infrastructure costs, and optimise cookie matching priorities
  • Forecast the size of audience segments and analyse the performance of cookie matching with your key monetisation partners

Find out how you can increase the value of data assets and improve match rates with partners through the ID5 Universal ID or Connect services

Bid on more impression and improve your campaign performance whilst reducing bandwidth and infrastructure costs

In order to be competitive and attract more clients, DSPs need to deliver high performing campaigns and offer access to the best data and inventory sources. Restrictions on user identification and low match rates have a negative impact on campaign performance and data activation. Investing in 3rd party cookie matching infrastructure is inefficient as user IDs become a commodity and consumes valuable human & financial resources.

ID5’s solutions help DSPs:
  • Leverage Universal ID to bid on more impressions and improve clients’ campaign performance (including in cookie-constrained environments)
  • Increase match rates with SSPs, DMPs and Data Providers, while eliminating ramp-up time when connecting to new partners thanks to Connect
  • Expand reach against valuable impressions and clients activating 1st party data
  • Reduce or remove bandwidth and infrastructure costs required to match with SSPs, DMPs and Data Providers

Find out how you can expand your reach and improve user recognition with partners through the ID5 Universal ID or Connect services