Omnichannel Identity for Digital Advertising

Audience360 Integrates the ID5 ID, Exceeds Viewability Target and Increases CTR by 40%

ID5 Announce $20 Million in Series B Funding

How Has The State of Digital Identity Changed in 2024?

ID5 is the leading identity provider powering addressable advertising for brands, publishers, and their technology partners across all media environments.

By enabling advertisers to better engage with customers and publishers to improve audience monetization, ID5 enables effective, measurable, and profitable omnichannel advertising while sustaining a free internet.


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Enhancing addressability across the advertising landscape

ID5 is at the heart of the advertising ecosystem, offering identity solutions that ensure publishers, advertisers, and adtech providers can achieve their advertising goals across established and emerging digital channels.

Media Owners

Maximize audience and inventory monetization

AdTech Partners

Support effective addressable digital advertising

Media Buyers

Leverage targeted and measurable advertising

Trusted by digital advertising leaders across the globe

ID5 works with a growing roster of the world’s leading buyers, suppliers, and data partners, including:

Adobe Advertising
Havas Media Group
Index Exchange
Media Figaro
Share This
The Weather Company

And more!

Your identity toolset

ID5 offers next-generation addressability tools with built-in data protection mechanisms designed to respect people's privacy preferences and meet all identity-related needs in a complex and fragmented advertising ecosystem.


The ID5 ID

A universal currency for digital advertising

The ID5 Graph

A unified view of customers across digital touchpoints and devices

Explore how to leverage ID5 identity services to drive advertising effectiveness for your business.

Why ID5

The Most Adopted
ID Solution

The go-to addressability solution for thousands of publishers and top platforms worldwide

On Identity

An independent identity specialist dedicated solely to serving today’s and tomorrow’s identity needs

Advanced Data

Privacy-by-design encryption technology to meet evolving regulatory requirements worldwide


Robust solution utilizing diverse signals for accurate identification and maximum addressability

"We are committed to enabling our clients to create quality connections with their best audiences across the digital advertising ecosystem. Eyeota’s collaboration with ID5 ensures our customers can maintain addressability and continuity of privacy-centric advertising as we transition to a cookieless world."

Kristina Prokop
Co-Founder of Eyeota, a Dun & Bradstreet company

Kristina Prokop
"In this new age of media and digital identity, advertisers need activation and measurement solutions that help grow their business. Our partnership with ID5 underscores Adobe’s commitment to empowering brands with more flexibility in their advertising and customer acquisition efforts across paid media channels."

Greg Collison
Head of Product, Adobe Advertising

Greg Collison
"By teaming up with ID5, Triton Digital has revolutionized publisher addressability and revenue optimization, all while upholding strict privacy standards and regulatory compliance."

Samuel De Sousa
Senior Product Manager, Triton Digital

Samuel De Sousa
"The cookieless world is the biggest revolution in digital since the AdServer’s first appearance, and it’s an opportunity for marketers and agencies to think about digital advertising in a different way."

Nicolás Bouchet
Global Head of Data & Digital Transformation
Havas Media Group

Nicolás Bouchet