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ID5 is the leading identity provider powering addressable advertising for brands, publishers, and their technology partners.

By enabling advertisers to better engage with customers and publishers to improve audience monetization, ID5 enhances advertising effectiveness and profitability while sustaining a free internet.

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ID5 provides identification services that benefit the whole advertising ecosystem while protecting consumers’ data

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One solution to address all identity-related needs in a complex and fragmented ecosystem

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Privacy-by-design and encryption technology to meet current and future regulatory requirements

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A scalable addressability solution deployed and used by thousands of websites and platforms globally

"Reaching B2B Safari users can be extremely difficult, and that’s why we were so pleased with the results we saw with ID5 and MediaMath. This is an important learning that could benefit many companies who wish to target business users in cookieless environments."

Richard Brandolino
Global Media Channels and Adtech Leader

"The cookieless world is the biggest revolution in digital since the AdServer’s first appearance, and it’s an opportunity for marketers and agencies to think about digital advertising in a different way."

Nicolás Bouchet
Global Head of Data & Digital Transformation