Future-proofed identification for Digital Advertising

ID5 IdentityCloud solves the complexity of identification in digital advertising by offering privacy-first user recognition and measurement capabilities. IdentityCloud enables publishers, brands and technology platforms to operate more efficiently and to better monetize their assets in all digital advertising environments.

IdentityCloud's suite of services includes a Partner Graph and a Device Graph, both enriched by the ID5 ID - a first-party, encrypted identifier that is distributed at scale across the digital advertising ecosystem.

Leverage IdentityCloud to:

Address 100% of users and apply key campaign strategies

Ensure users’ privacy choices are respected throughout the advertising value chain

Receive match tables for key partners to improve match rates

Connect ID5 IDs across devices to enable people-based marketing strategies

Onboard and connect emails to ID5 IDs and/or proprietary user IDs

Track advertising events across all environments

ID5 IdentityCloud simplifies user identification by enabling three core capabilities:


Send signals, platform user IDs and receive an ID5 ID, connected partner IDs to improve user identification and match rates


Leverage the ID5 ID and connected IDs to recognize more users in a privacy compliant way


Measure the value that IdentityCloud provides by leveraging its analytics components

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Improve monetization and user experience in a privacy-compliant way

User identification is foundational to monetising inventory and data, but cookie-based IDs and Mobile Ad IDs are inefficient, increase the risk of data leakage, and make privacy compliance difficult. IdentityCloud offers publishers a privacy-first solution enabling them to receive and share first-party user IDs with their monetization partners.

With IdentityCloud, Publishers can:

  • Identify authenticated and unauthenticated users in all digital advertising environments to increase monetization
  • Ensure compliance with data privacy regulations thanks to ID5’s privacy-by-design technology
  • Prevent data leakage by permissioning user IDs to authorized partners only


Achieve 100% match rates in all digital advertising environments and maximize the value of publishers' inventory

Identifiable users yield 3x to 4x higher CPMs than unidentifiable ones. Growing regulatory pressure alongside increasing browser and operating system restrictions are making the identification process more challenging. Supply Side Platforms need to leverage efficient and privacy-compliant identity solutions to maximize the addressability and the value of their clients’ inventory.

With IdentityCloud, SSPs can:

  • Send more identifiable bid requests to buyers, increasing bid density and therefore CPMs and overall publisher revenue
  • Deliver strategic value to publishers by supporting their transition to the cookieless future
  • Reduce operational costs by outsourcing identity infrastructure to a specialized solution provider

Data Platforms

Improve connections with activation platforms to maximize the availability of audiences and increase revenue

Data is the fuel of advertising campaigns. The ability to activate audiences is dependent on match rates and the availability of cookies and MAIDs. IdentityCloud helps DMPs and Data Providers maximize user recognition to make first and third-party data available to brands at scale across all digital advertising environments.

With IdentityCloud, Data Platforms can:

  • Improve user identification and maximize the availability of first and third-party data in activation platforms such as Ad Servers, SSPs and DSPs
  • Future-proof their business by enabling clients to activate audiences in cookieless environments
  • Improve efficiency and privacy compliance by outsourcing identity infrastructure to a specialized solution provider


Get exposure to more addressable inventory and improve campaign performance while reducing bandwidth and infrastructure costs

To be competitive and attract more clients, DSPs need to deliver high performing campaigns and offer access to the best data and inventory sources. Restrictions on user identification and low match rates negatively impact campaign performance and data activation. IdentityCloud provides DSPs with an efficient, cross-platform user identification solution that removes complexity and improves campaign performance and privacy compliance.

With IdentityCloud, DSPs can:

  • Bid on more impressions, track conversion attribution to ultimately improve bidding strategies and campaign performance in all digital advertising environments
  • Enable clients to reach and engage with more consumers effectively and to generate better ROI from their campaigns
  • Reduce privacy compliance risks and infrastructure costs by outsourcing identity to a specialized solution provider


Increase addressability, optimize and measure campaign performance in all digital advertising environments (web, mobile, CTV)

The deprecation of third-party cookies is an opportunity to build a more efficient and privacy-safe identification infrastructure that works for the entire advertising ecosystem and ultimately for consumers. IdentityCloud enables advertisers to reach their audience efficiently at scale as well as optimize and measure campaign performance without increasing dependency on dominant players.

With IdentityCloud, Advertisers can:

  • Address more users in quality environments and support premium publishers, thus reducing reliance on dominant media platforms
  • Apply key campaign strategies like frequency capping, measurement and attribution in cookieless environments today, and get ready to transition to the post-cookie world
  • Ensure that consumers’ privacy preferences are respected and enforced in the advertising value chain