Identity as a Service

Enhance addressability and measurement while adhering to the highest data protection standards. Explore ID5's identity services to increase digital advertising effectiveness - whether your focus is on a specific media channel or spans across various environments.

The ID5 ID

A universal currency for the digital advertising ecosystem

Online user identification is key to targeted and measurable advertising, fueling publisher monetization and driving brand awareness and conversions.

The ID5 ID is a next-generation, privacy-by-design identifier that publishers, advertisers, and ad tech platforms use to address audiences and optimize and measure campaign performance without relying on legacy identification methods. Designed to perform in all digital channels, the ID5 ID powers crucial advertising use cases while respecting consumer preferences and data protection regulations.

Use cases supported:

Audience profiling, targeting & retargeting

Data activation

Campaign optimization & frequency capping

Measurement & attribution

Built to support the industry's addressability needs

Designed to connect the entire advertising ecosystem, the ID5 ID combines addressability with data protection technology, providing a reliable and effective solution that supports campaign objectives while limiting compliance risks.

Media Owners

Maximize the value of your inventory and audiences

AdTech Partners

Increase the value of your tech and data for your customers

Media Buyers

Engage with your audiences and measure performance

Universal Effectiveness With a Privacy Focus

Truly Universal

Media owners create and distribute the real-time ID5 ID to the entire advertising ecosystem to improve addressability and maximize monetization

Signal Agnostic

ID5 leverages a variety of signals, including hashed emails, to reconcile user identity and address both authenticated and non-authenticated audiences

Data Protection

ID5's consent-based and encryption technologies ensure that users’ privacy preferences are respected and only authorized partners can decrypt and utilize the ID5 ID

IVT Prevention

ID5 IDs have built-in traffic validation capabilities, allowing partners to block invalid traffic to minimize ad waste and protect advertising budgets against IVT

Discover how the digital advertising community leverages the ID5 ID to enable efficient and measurable advertising

Higher bid CPM in cookieless browsers for media sellers

Average increase in reach for media buyers

Higher win rate for media buyers

The ID5 Graph

Delivering a unified view of audiences across channels

Today's customers use multiple devices, browsers, and apps to consume content, shop, and interact with brands online. By connecting different signals and IDs to the same individual and/or household, the ID5 Graph enables the deployment of people-based marketing strategies across browsers, platforms and devices.

Powered by the ID5 ID, the Graph is resilient to signal loss and is effective even in environment where traditional identifiers are restricted.

Target at Scale

Maximize digital addressability across environments to vastly increase campaign scale

Measure & Attribute

Identify the best-performing channels for your campaigns without the bias of a single ID view

Control Ad Frequency

Balance ad delivery across environments, capping based on users rather than devices

Built with consented signals

To provide a privacy-focused Graph, ID5 leverages its direct relationships with publishers to collect user consent and process signals without relying on bidstream data.

The ID5 Graph covers all major European countries and is also available in the US, Japan, and Australia

Cross-Device Graph
US, Japan & Australia:
Cross-Browser Graph

Explore how ID5 Graph helps drive advertising outcomes
Up to
higher conversion rates thanks to the ID5 Graph

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