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Join our dynamic and disruptive team focused on solving adtech's identity challenges!

About ID5

ID5 enables addressable and measurable advertising to support the growth of the digital economy and provide free and safe access to content and services. Technical changes, signal loss and increasingly more stringent data protection regulations require new, advanced technologies that enable audience addressability while respecting people’s privacy preferences.
ID5 has risen to this challenge and developed solutions that supports publishers’ and marketers’ need for better addressability. Its laser focus on Identity sets it apart from competitive solutions and enables the company to offer the most advanced and sophisticated identity services to over 100,000 media properties, and hundreds of technology platforms and advertisers, making it the most adopted identity solution in the market.


Passionate Team

The ID5 team is composed of experienced adtech and martech professionals. We are passionate digital advertising experts who understand all the technicalities behind programmatic trading and who want to make a difference - as a team.

Agile Environment

The adtech and martech industries continue to evolve rapidly, requiring frequent changes to keep up. Identity is at the forefront of many of these changes today, and ID5 is leading the effort to create a better Identity solution for digital advertising. It will be a bumpy but highly enjoyable ride - buckle up!

Growth Opportunities

With a small and agile team, you will be pushed to your limits and asked to take on more risks and responsibilities than you have before. As ID5 grows, you will learn and grow as a professional and an individual.

Equal opportunities

We celebrate diversity and are passionate about creating an inclusive environment in which all employees can thrive.

Remote first working

ID5 allows employees to work from different locations and time zones indefinitely. We equip our team with all the tools needed to perform their work remotely and we ensure that our team bonds and stays connected thanks to regular all-hands meetings and standups.

Wework membership

We also offer WeWork membership for those who prefer not to work from home and allow individuals to move across different WeWork locations.

Our values

Leading the Way

We are Identity domain experts with a commitment to privacy compliance. We are knowledge leaders who share to elevate the domain for all. We strive to innovate to support the continuation of the advertising-funded open web.

Demand Excellence

We create a learning culture to support expertise, ambition and our goal of continuous innovation. We are collaborative and non-hierarchical. We bring ideas forward and give permission for failure. We welcome diversity in order to maximise openness to new thinking.

Goal Driven

We trust each other to get things done or ask for help. We are adaptable and outcome-driven, not process constrained. We encourage feedback to catch issues early and ask for support for continuous innovation / improvement.

Focus on Success

We deliver commercial goals while driving towards the ID5 vision. We are client centred and we value commercial mindedness. We aim to become an infrastructure for our partners to build on top of.

Building a Legacy

We want to make the ‘open web’ commercially viable. We are making identity interoperable. We innovate through open communication within ID5 and the wider industry.

Open Positions