ID5 Connect

Improve match rates with your key partners


Independent ad tech platforms rely on 3rd Party cookies as the main method of user identification for profiling and targeting. These cookies are domain-specific, so platforms need to synchronise user IDs in order to communicate with each other.

This process is inefficient, creating latency and risks of data leakage for publishers. Furthermore, low match rates between ad tech platforms impact monetisation of inventory and audiences as unmatched impressions sell for an average of 3 to 4 times lower CPMs than matched impressions.

ID5 Connect

ID5 Connect is a centralised cookie matching service designed to simplify user ID synchronisation, reduce bandwidth and processing costs, and improve match rates between ad tech platforms.

By centralising cookie matching for the digital advertising industry, ID5 Connect creates economies of scale that benefit platforms and publishers. ID5 transforms a mostly client-side process into a server-side match table distribution service, reducing page latency, data leakage, and privacy risks. Thanks to ID5 Connect, publishers can improve user experience and better monetise data and inventory, and ad tech platforms can operate more efficiently.

Three ways to leverage ID5 Connect

Connect Matching is a pay- as-you-go service designed for data platforms to improve match rates with specific partners, on-demand. Clients push a list of unmatched IDs to ID5, which delivers matching partner IDs back to the clients to increase match rates at segment level.

Connect Streaming is an always-on license-based service that allows ad tech platforms to improve match rates with their key partners, or outsource cookie matching to ID5 entirely. Every 30 minutes, ID5 streams match tables between clients’ UIDs and their Match Partners’ UIDs, making an up-to-date copy of the central ID5 match table locally available to power ID look-ups at runtime.

Connect A3 (Automated Audience Activation) extends the Matching service by handling segment uploads to Partner platforms automatically. Connect A3 combines matching & uploading to simplify the data distribution process for Brands, DMPs and Data Providers.

ID5 Connect provides benefits to the whole ecosystem