Privacy-first user identification for digital advertising

Who we are

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and advertisers, with the ultimate goal to help publishers grow sustainable revenue. By providing a comprehensive, efficient and privacy-compliant solution to identify users, ID5 benefits the entire Open Web. By working with ID5, publishers address their audiences better, advertisers run effective and measurable campaigns, and platforms maximize the value of digital advertising across all environments.

Created in 2017 by seasoned adtech professionals, ID5 services clients globally.

Why ID5

Digital Advertising is a complex and fragmented ecosystem that encompasses diverse environments. Identity is at the foundation of digital advertising as it enables the individualization of messages and the measurement of campaign performance for brands. Legacy user identification processes vary by environment and are often inefficient outside of the Walled Gardens.

ID5 recognized the need to create an infrastructure that would make user recognition more efficient, privacy compliant and less dependent on dominant players. Its solution has been built with the whole ecosystem and consumers in mind and with the ultimate goal to enable publishers to better monetize their traffic, and brands to engage with their audience effectively without compromising users’ privacy.

ID5’s privacy-first identification infrastructure provides the digital advertising ecosystem with comprehensive identification capabilities and makes user recognition and measurement more efficient in all environments.

ID5 Executive Team

The ID5 team is composed of experienced adtech and martech professionals. The co-founders, Mathieu Roche and Pierre-Antoine Durgeat built a team of passionate digital advertising experts who understand all the technicalities behind programmatic trading and bring knowledge and experience to the business.

Mathieu Roche
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Pierre-Antoine Durgeat
Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Caitlin Borgman
Chief Commercial Officer

Sebastian Geller
Chief Technology Officer

Valbona Gjini
VP, Marketing & Communications

Ludivine Vitet
VP, Finance & People

Investors & Advisors

ID5 is backed by Venture Capital firms Progress Partners, Seventure Partners, 360 Capital Partners, AperiamVentures, and Axio, and supported by renowned digital advertising and adtech experts, including:

Ana Milicevic
Board Member and Advisor

Lothar Krause

Samuel Profumo

Joanna Burton

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