ID5 ID Signup for Amazon Publisher Services Customers

ID5 provides the advertising ecosystem with a transparent, scalable and privacy-compliant identity infrastructure. The ID5 Universal ID solution improves user recognition and provides a stable, consented, and encrypted user ID to replace third-party cookies and MAIDs.

ID5 is integrated with Amazon Publisher Services Connections Marketplace. This turnkey solution makes it easy for its customers to increase the visibility of their inventory available in APS.

ID5 ID highlights for Publishers:

  • Increased bid density and higher win rates leading to better monetization of cookie-less traffic
  • Encryption mechanism ensuring that ID5 IDs are only shared with authorized partners
  • Suitable for all web publishers regardless of the size of your authenticated audience
  • Privacy-by-design technology that respects and enforces privacy in the advertising

To learn more about the process and to sign up, get in touch by filling out the form below.

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