Join the ID5 Inside Partner Program

At ID5 we believe in collaboration and in nurturing our relationships with our partners. Because we are stronger together, and because we know that it takes a collective effort to achieve our main goal: to build a better advertising ecosystem.

We have started this journey by building Universal ID, a pseudonymous first party identifier that publishers can store and distribute to their monetisation partners, which enables them to identify 100% of users even in cookie-less environments in a privacy-compliant way.

The next step is to create the community and this is where we need your help. We created ID5 Inside, a programme built to support ID5’s distribution partners. If you are a technology company willing to integrate with ID5 in order to distribute Universal ID to publishers, data providers, and the wider advertising technology ecosystem, read on to learn more about the benefits of the program.

Provide a better service to your clients

Becoming an ID5 Inside distribution partner means that you’ll provide a stronger service to your clients by enabling them to better identify their users and to increase the value of their inventory and data.

Become an Identity expert

The ID5 team lives and breathes Identity and can help you learn more about the topic. By joining the programme, you have access to educational materials that you can use for your clients presentations, training sessions for your team and much more.

Benefit from co-marketing opportunities

ID5 will help your company stand out in the crowded cookie-less world by providing co-marketing opportunities such as joint press releases, webinars / events as well as content marketing (white paper, research etc.).

Join the programme today to drive innovation and to build, together, a better identification infrastructure for digital advertising

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