R&D Engineer

About ID5

ID5 was created to improve online advertising for consumers, media owners and technology providers. Technical innovation - digital in particular - has fueled global economic growth for years, created millions of jobs and enabled access to knowledge and entertainment like never before. Media owners have played a pivotal role in modern democratic societies, and have relied on advertising to fund investigative journalism and ensure governments were held accountable. Meanwhile, consumers have benefited from technical innovation and access to quality content and services at scale.

This ecosystem is being disturbed by the rise of global platforms like Google and Facebook: they capture the large majority of advertising investments from brands and use these resources to monopolise technical innovation for their commercial advantage. This challenges the very survival of independent media - all to the detriment of consumers, whose data fuels their marketing engines to an unprecedented extent.

ID5's ambition is to provide premium media owners and independent technology providers with a transparent, scalable, privacy compliant advertising identity solution to help them fight back against these platforms. To accomplish this, ID5 has built the first shared identity platform for the advertising technology industry.

ID5 was created by seasoned ad tech specialists with 30+ years of combined experience. It was launched in September 2017 and raised a seed funding round in March 2018. It currently employs 10 people in London and Paris.

Do you want to work for a dynamic and disruptive ad tech start-up that views the current shifts in the digital advertising market as an opportunity to make a strong difference? If you share our ambition to make digital advertising a better place, we would love to hear from you!

R&D Engineer

As an R&D Engineer, you will develop new products, redesign existing features, and perform research and testing on product concepts. You will actively participate in all stages of a feature or product’s life by working closely with our founders and Product team.

Our tech stack, which handles >10k QPS with >100B records in our database, includes:
Our backend stack
  • Java11 / Groovy / Grails / Tomcat
  • Cassandra
Our data stack
  • Apache Spark
  • Cassandra
  • Elasticsearch / Kibana
Our devops stack
  • Continuous integration via Gitlab, excellent automated test coverage and code review process
  • Continuous rollout (several releases per week) with one-step build, test & deployment
What will you do?
  • Work closely with Product to design and develop new or updated features of our products.
  • Ensure full automated-testing coverage of all features before release.
  • Participate in code reviews as both a reviewer and submitter.
  • Provide technical support to our internal users.
  • Identify and improve areas of the product that could be optimized for better performance.
Who are we looking for?
  • Someone with a few years of work experience, preferably in a highly scalable technology environment
  • A background in Engineering or Computer Science
  • Enjoys collaborating with others and has excellent communication skills
  • Ideally, someone with experience and skills in: Java or a language of the JVM (Groovy, Scala, ...), Databases (SQL, Cassandra), Data processing framework (Spark, Elastic Stack), Machine Learning, Automatic test framework, and Mastery of GIT
  • Loves learning about new technologies and related tools to introduce to the company in order to grow the product and development environment
  • An entrepreneur-minded individual who will thrive in a startup environment. Responsibility, autonomy, enthusiasm, humility, and drive are key characteristics required to be successful in this role

Position reporting to ID5’s CTO and can be based remotely or in ID5’s London or Paris offices

Contact us at jobs@id5.io / reference 013-RDE

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We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are passionate about creating an inclusive environment in which all employees can thrive.